Wit and wisdom from Magic and Sky

Greetings from the imaginative world of fantastic foam characters, 3-D company logos, and walk-around body puppets. Here’s where your brand comes to life—literally.

My name is Magic, and let me introduce you to my creative colleague, Sky.  Welcome! We are delighted that you are here. And we are excited to begin your behind-the-scenes introduction to “making magic” with the incredible Irene Corey team.

Just think about the iconic costumed characters of your youth.
Which ones come to your mind first?  And where were you when you first saw that goofy purple dinosaur?

These characters are more than 3-D logos; they are pals and friends. They make brands magic, and they are probably more important than ever before!

A strong brand mascot gives your brand personality. This is a key differentiator in our brave new “social media” world.  Your unique character personifies your brand attributes—tangible and intangible.

For instance, Barney’s comfy, colorful appeal and kooky voice communicate with as much strength as his message – “I love you; you love me; we’re a happy family.” Barney and Friends ™ resonate with their marketing target –toddlers and young children. They feel loved and empowered to use their imaginations. In fact, children reportedly drove the demand for the Barney and Friends ™ show, stage productions, videos, etc., so the branding power is undeniable.

Be sure to check in with me and Sky next week for Step I in the exciting, creative journey that will invigorate you brand. Think about it. What is your brand’s personality?


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Business owner, costume designer, project manager, yoga diva.
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